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Radiology in Lyon, France
Sunday, April 26, 2020 - Saturday, May 2, 2020

CME Provider:
Radiology International Inc. ›
Nadine Green
945 Farmington Avenue
West Hartford, Connecticut (CT) 06107
United States
Toll Free: (001) 800-481-1873
Phone: (001) 860-225-1700
Fax: (001) 860-356-0922
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Conference Center:
Intercontinental Hotel ›
20 Quai Jules Courmont
Lyon, 69002
Phone: +33 4 26 99 23 23
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Monday, April 27 Moderators: Dr. Pellerito and Prof. Bonneville

7.30am Welcome – Dr. Pellerito and Prof. Bonneville.
7.35am CNS Hemorrhage – Dr. Smirniotopoulos.
8.20am The Solitary Pulmonary Nodule: The Pragmatic approach – Dr. Leung.
9.05am How to Approach White Matter Hyperintensities - Dr. Bonneville.
9.50am Soft Tissue Tumors and Mimics – Dr. Smith.
10.35am Coffee
10.50am Imaging of Common Cranial Neuropathies – Dr. Mukherji.
11.35am CT Evaluation of Renal Masses: Key differentials Diagnosis Points – Dr. Fishman.
12.20pm Imaging of Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy - Dr. Bonneville
1.05pm Diagnosis and Staging of Lung Tumors (SAM) – Dr. Leung.
2.05pm Adjourn

Tuesday, April 28 Moderators: Dr. Smith and Dr. Mukherji.

7.30am CT Evaluation of Liver Masses: Key Differential Diagnosis Pathways – Dr. Fishman.
8.15am Demystifying bone Lesions: Benign and Malignant – Dr. Smith.
9.00am RECIST and Other Criteria (including iREcist) - Pr. Laure Fournier
9.45am Imaging the Found Down Patient: Non-Traumatic emergencies – Dr. Smirniotopoulos.
10.30am Coffee
10.45am Lung Cancer Screening Update 2020 – Dr. Leung.
11.30am CT of the Neck: The Past, Present and Future – Dr. Mukherji.
12.15pm Imaging of Endometrial and Cervical Cancer - Pr. Laure Fournier
1.00pm Lord of the Rings Lesions: Differential Diagnosis (SAM) – Dr. Smirniotopoulos.
2.00pm Adjourn

Wednesday, April 29 Moderators: Dr. Fishman and Dr. Smirniotopoulos

7.30am CT of Pleural Disease – Dr. Leung.
8.15am Anatomy of the Oral Cavity and Oropharynx – Dr. Mukherji.
9.00am Added Value of Multiparametric MRI Before Prostate Biopsy: It is so Simple? - Pr. Olivier Rouvière
9.45am Missed Diagnosis in Body CT: Pearls and Pitfalls – Dr. Fishman.
10.30am Coffee
10.45am Tumor Markers: What Everyone Should Know – Dr. Smirniotopoulos.
11.30am Pitfalls in Characterizing Prostate Lesions at Multiparamatric MRI - Pr. Olivier Rouvière
12.15pm Imaging of the Elbow: The Throwing Athlete – Dr. Smith.
1.00pm Emergency Head and Neck Radiology: What to Expect at Night (SAM) - Dr. Mukherji.
2.00pm Adjourn

Thursday, April 30 Moderators. Dr. Leung and Dr. Smith

7.30am Pitfalls in Head & Neck Imaging – Dr. Mukherji.
8.15am Incidentalomas: How to Manage Them in a Busy Practice – Dr. Fishman.
9.00am Future of Radiology?? Ready or Not...Here It Comes!! – Dr. Mukherji.
9.45am Rectal MRI: Adoption of Guidelines & Standards - Dr. Laurent Milot
10.30am Coffee
10.45am CNS Infections – Dr. Smirniotopoulos.
11.30am MR Characterization of Focal Liver Lesions: Pearls and Pitfalls - Dr. Laurent Milot
12.15pm Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy – Dr. Leung.
1.00pm Imaging of the inflammatory Arthropathies (SAM) – Dr. Smith.
2.00pm Adjournl

Friday, May 1 Moderators: Dr. Fishman and Dr. Pellerito.

7.30am MSK Ultrasound: A Primer – Dr. Smith.
8.15am Future of Radiology?? Ready or Not…Here It Comes!! - Dr. Mukherji.
9.00am MSK Disorders: Where Ultrasound Outsmarts MRI? - Dr. Raphaël Guillin
9.45am Imaging of the Ankle and Foot – Dr. Smith.
10.30am Coffee
10.45am MRI of Sacriliac Joints: An Update in 2020 - Dr. Raphaël Guillin
11.30am Demystifying White Matter Disease – Dr. Smirniotopoulos.
12.15pm Pulmonary Infections: A Case-Based Review – Dr. Leung.
1.00pm CT Evaluation of Adrenal Masses: The Radiologists Role (SAM) - Dr. Fishman.
2.00pm Adjourn
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Please visit the Radiology International Inc. website for more information.
CME Credit:
Physicians:  31.25 Hours

Self Assessment Module (SAM):  No

Specialty Audience:

RADLIST Course #22970

Map of Intercontinental Hotel, 20 Quai Jules Courmont, Lyon, France
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